Who is Ambiyaa?

Who would have thought, a little girl from the city of Kota factory is going to pursue a career in art. Her childhood went in climbing up the mango trees and drawing little doodles everywhere. Whether it be bark of her backyard mango tree, her house walls or back of the books. She just dreamt, dreamt like a rebel, to carve her own path and choose a career which was not ordinary in this city. And so Ambiyaa was born. Ambiyaa is just her story of ‘kuch khatti and kuch meeti yaadien’ of her childhood.

Ambiyaa as the name tells, is deeply rooted to India. The intricate patterns, designs are a depiction of designs we see around us in henna, temples and sarees. The colors too are mostly vibrant and truly Indian. And not just that, picture abhi baki hai…we ensure that all the products are 100% made in India. For we are ‘dil se desi’.

Meet - Surabhi

That little girl from the story above is now a mom of two and lives in Gurgaon. Many know her as Intrikate Ink - you can view her work here.

  • Process

    All my artwork is created by hand and then digitised to make it printable.

  • Quality

    I personally stay involved at all levels of production to ensure correct colors and tones on products.

  • Packaging

    Products are safely packed and shipped under close supervision so you get what you have ordered in best possible condition.

Made In India

All Ambiyaa products are proudly made in India. I also support Go Local and do my bit to support local vendors.

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