Oh, who might Ambiyaa be, you ask?

Well, picture this: a young girl from the oh-so-famous city of Kota, known more for churning out brainiacs than artists. But lo and behold, instead of equations and textbooks, she was busy making the trees and walls her personal canvas. Yes, those all-important mango trees and the sacred walls of her house were blessed with her doodles. And in this city of predictable futures, she dared to be... different. And thus, Ambiyaa was "born". It’s her endearing tale of childhood memories, which I'm sure are as unique as they sound.And, oh! Don’t forget the best part. Ambiyaa is SO Indian. The patterns are just bursting with originality – they’ve somehow managed to capture the designs from henna, temples, and sarees. And the colors? As vivid as a peacock on a sunny day. But wait, there's more! Everything's 100% made in India. Because deep down, they’re just so incredibly 'dil se desi'.

Meet - Surabhi

The imaginative little girl from our earlier tales has now blossomed into a multifaceted woman, residing in Gurgaon. Embracing the joys of motherhood with two children by her side, she's also carved a niche for herself as a successful businesswoman. Today, she's celebrated not only for her entrepreneurial spirit but also for her profound artistry, known to many as 'Intrikate Ink'. This name encapsulates the depth and intricacy of her creations. For those eager to experience her artistic and business prowess firsthand, her masterpieces, echoing tales and emotions, are available for exploration right here.

What makes Ambiyaa special

Each piece of my artwork emerges from a deeply personal and intricate hand-crafted process. I start with quality materials and tools, channeling my inspiration and expertise into every brush stroke, line, and design element. Once the physical piece is complete and meets my exacting standards, I transition to the digital realm. Using state-of-the-art scanning and digitization techniques, the artwork is transformed into a digital format. This ensures that it can be flawlessly reproduced in print, capturing all the nuances of the original creation.

Quality is not just a buzzword for me; it's a commitment. To ensure that each product mirrors the rich colors and tones of my original artwork, I remain personally involved throughout the production phase. This involvement isn’t superficial. From selecting the right materials to monitoring the printing process, I am hands-on in ensuring every hue, every gradient, and every detail is replicated with precision. This dedication guarantees that what you see in the original artwork is exactly what you get in the final product.

Understanding the importance of receiving your order in pristine condition, I have established a meticulous packaging process. Every product is encased with care, using protective materials that shield it from potential damages during transit. But it doesn’t stop there. The shipping phase is closely supervised, ensuring that the products not only leave our premises in impeccable condition but also reach you just the way they are intended to – flawless and undamaged. With this rigorous system in place, you can be assured that what you ordered is delivered to you in the best possible state.